Occupy Flash movement Campaign


Did Adobe expect this? Can you Imagine Adobe flash being a forgotten feature and plug-in in the web? Just recently Adobe cancelled development of its Flash plug-in for mobile devices, saying that the alternative HTML 5 offered “the best solution”.

A movement by the name of Occupy Flash which is inspired by the current Occupy movements all over world is now claiming the software is buggy and clashes a lot and requires constant security updates. Occupy Flash founder said that they have coded for flash at some point in the career and had never for one of Adobe’s competitors.

The movement members wished to be anonymous as reported on the online news. They added also that the Adobes announcement last week was a tip of an iceberg and its better even to move away from flash wholly even from our desktop browsers. “This will enable consistent web browsing” the   movement spokesman said.

Occupy flash means business, they have already hosted instructions on how to disable Flash on Windows, Mac and Google’s Chrome browsers at their site “Occupy Flash” . This will cause some business failures and less usability to some company’s sites like Google analytics and many more sites which use Adobe Flash. Good news to YouTube users, it has started using HTML5 as alternative player. This shows how HTML5 will start outdoing flash in long run considering HTML5 doesn’t need any add on installation. HTML5 also is considered open source, hence many developers will be able to access HTML5 IDEs.

Adobe has not yet commented on the Occupy Flash issue.  Though the use of HTML5 is premature and is expected to be standardized in a few years time most developers are implementing HTML5. I have never been an Adobe Flash developer, though I must complement the latest accelerated 3D graphics, premium HD video and more qualities that Flash Player 11 for PC browsers offers right now.