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Adobe Set to Acquire Figma for $20 billion

Recently, you might have heard that full-stack developer title now includes graphic design. If you didn't get the joke, they were referring to Figma...

Adobe Will Kill Off Support for Flash Player Soon

RIP Adobe Flash Player, you won't be missed

Twitch is Slowly Ditching Flash in Favour of HTML5

Twitch, a live-streaming platform dedicated to gaming, is the latest company that has started the process of migrating to HTML5. They announced that...

Google Wants You To Stop Pulling Your Hair Over Bad Battery Life When Using Chrome

I used to be a heavy Chrome user. An addict and a loyalist. That changed a month ago when I decided enough was enough....

Adobe to discontinue Photoshop Touch application on Android and iOS

Starting May 28th, Photoshop Touch, Adobe's touch-optimized version of its popular image editing software meant for mobile devices will be no more. Adobe will...
PDF to Word

Using PDF Files to Create High-Quality Office Documents

Since the early days the the computer, various file formats designed to create documents for offices have been used. While text files were acceptable for sharing...

Occupy HTML Movement pleading to its users

This could be the Web uprising that may define the future web standards. After the creation of the Occupy Flash, here come ups the...

Occupy Flash movement Campaign

Did Adobe expect this? Can you Imagine Adobe flash being a forgotten feature and plug-in in the web? Just recently Adobe cancelled development of...

Adobe Cs5 Launched

Are you a Graphic designer or web designer? This may interest you.The long awaited Adobe Cs5 was launched on 14th April, with loads of...