Adobe to discontinue Photoshop Touch application on Android and iOS


Adobe Photoshop Touch mobile

Starting May 28th, Photoshop Touch, Adobe’s touch-optimized version of its popular image editing software meant for mobile devices will be no more. Adobe will be pulling the application from both the Google Play Store and iTunes on the said date with users no longer being able to purchase the costly application. Those who will have bought it by then (iOS users only) will continue using the application. The rest (#teamAndroid) will have to back up the .apk file if they’ll need to create layers later one more time.

Adobe Photoshop Touch was one of the value-added applications bundled with the first generation Galaxy Note tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it was a joy to use. It’s price tag meant that only those who were really going to be do something meaningful could purchase it at $9.99 (iPhone and iPod Touch versions started at $4.99).

Adobe consoles existing users with a promise to release a retouching app which it is working on under the Project Rigel codename later in the year. It will also be bringing several new Android-specific apps to the Play Store. Meanwhile, it hopes all users will find solace in its Creative Cloud offerings. Adobe has stopped offering its traditional Creative Suite as it has moved all its applications to the cloud with a subscription model.