Occupy HTML Movement pleading to its users


This could be the Web uprising that may define the future web standards. After the creation of the Occupy Flash, here come ups the movement called Occupy HTML. Despite the fact that there exist a lot of markup languages that developers may use to present the web applications and websites, HTML has dominated the area. The Occupy HTML  Movement aim is to rid the world of HTML purism.

Now the Occupy HTML movement wants to prove how Flash is mature and is supported by all major desktop browsers.  The movement is championing the amazing web experience that Flash offers which most of the other web standards are unable to offer.

Occupy HTML is asking for the stop of the fight of which Occupy Flash movement has launched against it. There are few ways the movement has show on how to stop the fight on their port, Occupy HTML which include twitter, Facebook and Google+. As the movement state it is good to have choices for the most appropriate platform and standard to develop your projects. Occupy HTML is pleading to all its supporters to inform and support people who doesn’t know what Flash and HTML are. They are also insisting on upgrading your browser. The point of upgrading may be hampered by the fact that few or many users that their internet is slow or they don’t have an internet connection at all hence proving difficult to use some web plug-in.

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