My first live blog


Live blog of me, totally random.


Trying out this thing we call live blogging. Tell me how it looks like from your end.


I will use @robertalai’s tweets about an event at Kenyatta university.


#Amileena and #Steve from #TPF4 are here performing. Mentoring Students on Maths and Sciences sponsored by #Google and#Microsoft


Performance by Amileena and Steve as the professionals mentor these students in science and Maths. #FB


The Banner of the event explains it all. #AMSTREF


The students are from various schools and are keenly listening.#AMSTREF #FB


You dont need to refresh this page, updates via ajax. Am seriously enjoying myself.


And on my playlist is “Young and carefree ” by Natasha thomas


Mr Mativo explain how JAB does its selection for students and how University slot them into degree programs. #amstref


@robertalai am waiting on your tweets for the next update.


Mr Mativos formularr for success in KCSE and making it in University. #AMSTREF


Mr Mativos formularr for success in KCSE and making it in University. #AMSTREF

And thats it boys and girls, my first experience. I must confess it was abit tricky, using ajax on my blog post. It caused some plugin conflict. But if you have already opened the page you dont need to refresh, And from there on its bliss.
On clicking publish, you have your readers acessing the items via twitter and your blog concurrently.

And credit to @robertalai for his tweets.

Over and out

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