Twitter’s New ‘Popular Articles’ Section is Bad News for Nuzzel

Popular Articles Twitter

Half a billion tweets are sent on Twitter everyday and it is usually a mix of people’s opinions about things, experiences and lots of shared links from different publishers. This means that Twitter is a great place to source for breaking news as well as general news.

However, this means that you had to follow these publishers to get their news when they share it on Twitter, or create a curated list so that you can follow their updates on one go.

In some cases, you will find that there are news that are viral on your timeline and you may want to catch up later when you login. Sometimes you might find it being retweeted on your timeline and other times you might not find it at all.

Well this new Twitter update will help you avoid that awkward query to ask where a person got the information from. Twitter has added a Popular articles section that will help you see what people are talking about on the network.

Popular articles Twitter

If you want to know what people on Twitter are talking about on the timeline, just head over to your search section on your Twitter app and scroll down to the section headlined Popular articles.

You will see a collection of several articles that have been shared the most on your networks. When you tap on an article, it will open the article either via the internal Twitter browser or via a dedicated browser depending on your settings.

This is a great way to catch up with the news that is currently buzzing in your Twitter network and it sure should worry Nuzzel, which is an app that allows you to do the same exact thing, albeit with more features.