Introducing the Techweez Forums: The Place Where Great Tech Conversations Start


If you have noticed over the last 5 months something has been brewing… the Techweez forums. We have not been screaming from the rooftops about it since we were keen on growing it block by block bit by bit. With the Techweez forums marking their sixth month month of existence in a few weeks, it is about time we made them formal or at least, introduced them to you. So here we go.

Dear readers, meet the Techweez forums.


We have been envisioned the Techweez forums as the one place you’ll need to visit often to participate in great conversations on the technology that matters to you. From consumables like apps to finding your next job. From things we love like the mobile devices we obsess over daily to startups and the next big thing in our space. It will be all there with time.

To actualize that vision, we need you, your friends and everyone else to sign up for the forums. To do that, just go to the forum landing page. You won’t miss the sign up button. You can sign up using either one of your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) or Google or the good old email. It doesn’t matter, you’ll be in either way.

Signing up to the Techweez forums is easy. Just fill up those fields, confirm your email in the link that is subsequently sent to you and you’re good to go. Now that doesn’t sound like too much work. Does it?

Signing up is one thing, participating is another. For now, the forums are as basic as they can be since they are for everyone. We not only want geeks who speak in language only few can understand but the man on the street as well. As a result, things are easy. Conversations and all forum posts are arranged based on the last interaction, nothing complex. Just click on a thread and you’re taken directly to the conversations and you can contribute right away. Easy as that.

With time, we’ll be running exclusives. Giveaways, some vouchers, redeemable codes and much more. You only need to stick around and make your voice heard as well. Start discussions, join in on ongoing ones, like all the stuff that speaks to you… the possibilities are many.

Using an app and got a weird bug you have never seen before? Have some cash and looking for a gadget to spend it on? Just developed your kick-ass app and need people to give it a look and provide feedback? Looking for someone to develop something for you? Want some insane wallpapers? Start at the Techweez forums. Every contribution, however little, is welcome. We’ll even religiously alert you anytime there are amazing deals on either software or hardware so that you can always save a coin or two. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

The forums provide an avenue for Techweez readers to engage with others; flexibility that may be somewhat limited on the main site given the nature of the news and events that we cover and the reviews and editorials that we pen down.

While the forums may seem easy to access and interact with from our end, it may not be the same for you. However, as they say, experience is the best teacher. You will only get to know your way around them if you actually engage frequently. So go on, sign up if you haven’t done so already and start posting. We promise to look out for amazing stuff to share with you. You’ll occasionally get an email from us about threads you are following or a digest of stuff you may have missed out on if you don’t visit for a while. That is well intended. We promise not to spam you. You can always log in to your account to manage how the same is handled.

If there’s something you feel that we still need to do as far as the forum goes, feel free to leave your comment here and we’ll surely take it under consideration.

See you in the forums!


  1. Absolutely! Over to forums.. Havent been able to participate saana. Will be ding so in a few. And for a start saw in the dailies Samsung have an invitation to Samsung s7 galaxies at select shops tomorrow.

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