Samsung going transparent with AMOLED displays?

Samsung 3D amoled screen

Samsung 3D amoled screenWouldnt you love owning a 3D display screen on mobile? What about spicing the dream with transparent device? Well Samsung has demo-ed a 3D AMOLED device concept that seems to be off those dreams. We have previously seen phone concepts off designers wild imaginations, but I gather this one has high chance of being real.

I will paste one of the comments off viewers who have seen the vid:

It isn’t real, it’s a half-artistic – half-real concept of Samsung and shows how these “flexible things” could work in the future. Now it isn’t invented, but the concept of AMOLED makes us imagine.

This concept if transformed into a real gadget would be more than amazing, what’s more, you can even capture images off this half-real device concept, watch videos and have live translation.  Its even flexible. The future!


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