LG Optimus 3D photo Gallery

LG Optimus 3D

I have had the LG Optimus 3D for two days now, not enough time to have played with the toy, so dont expect a full fledged review. I have had the chance to watch the 3D videos, play Asphalt 6 on 3D and I can confirm what the LG marketing guys will tell you. The 3D is real, for the naked eye. I had intended to play the 3D golf and hone my golfing skills enough to talk in a crowd but thats for another day.

Well here are the shots I have managed to take of the phone. You will see the physical features like the double cameras, one for 2 D and another for 3 D images and video recording, the front and the back, upto the inside. Notiecably, you dont need to remove the battery to remove both the memory and sim cards.



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