Get ready for Mobile Web East Africa 2012 Hosted by All Amber and Kenya ICT Board

Mobile Web East Africa 2012
Mobile Web East Africa 2012, who’s mission is “Taking the monetisation and content creation dialogue to the next level“, has the success of Mobile Web East Africa to build on. The event that is going to happen on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2012 at the 5 star Southern Sun Mayfair hotel in Nairobi, Kenya will be hosted by Kenya ICT Board and All Amber Ltd in a partnership announced yesterday. Mobile Web East Africa 2012 aims to expedite growth of the region’s mobile ecosystem.
Mobile Web East Africa 2012Mobile Web East Africa seeks to ensure representation in the whole sector, hence start-up companies and applications developers will have a 50% subsidy on the attendance fee. This is, of-course subject to eligibility. Mobile Web East Africa is part of a sub-Saharan Africa series of events that is contributing to a greater focus on this vital area of technological potential for the continent.  All the different elements of the sector will be in attendance and participants will be encouraged to interact to facilitate the establishment of relationships and enable sector expansion, as was the case at the highly acclaimed inaugural event held in February 2010.
ICT Board Chief Executive Officer Paul Kukubo and Managing Director of All Amber Matthew Dawes share the same sentiments on the success of the event as Mobile Web East Africa 2010 was a grand slam. To quote Mr Dawes,
” To secure the support of an organisation as significant as the Kenya ICT Board is an illustration of how important the focus of this conference is.  Across the continent the mobile web and applications opportunity continues to have a profound effect on all echelons of society.  That’s why developing a thriving industry, which is the foundation behind the idea of Mobile Web East Africa, is so essential.”


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