Nokia 801, a Symbian Belle Phone on the rumour mill

Nokia 801 leak

Nokia 801 leakI wouldnt be surprised to have most off Nokia phones bearing the same physical design and also sharing hardware specs. Here is one off the rumour mill bakery.  A Nokia 801 according to Smartphone Geeks. According to their “reliable sources”, it features a 4 inch AMOLED Clear Black screen, 640 by 360 pix resolution, 1.4GHz processor and 512 RAM, a 12megapixel Autofocus camera with dual-LED flash, 1080p video recording and the Lumia like polycarbonate cover. But if am not wrong there was a rumour sometime earlier that Nokia N8’s predecessor will be a 16mp camera phone, but ofcourse these things can change, so we will just have to wait and see if this rumour will have some better backing. Eldar Murtazin’s confirming of Nokia devices has come to face critiszm of them actually turning out to be true, I would believe it if it were a Samsung Device he were confirming. But either way, if it were true and it were also true its the last Symbian^3 phone then it would only be easy to expect it to launch on Nokia Carla, which has already leaked snapshots.


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