Huawei could be planning to announce a Quad core phone at MWC

Huawei at MWC

Huawei at MWCSmartphone companies are on an all-time high cut throat competition. This is where things are happening, with each planning to outdo each other in every world mobile event, at CES there was the announcement of the Lumia 900 that took the day. There is a rumour of an iPad 3 coming, and Samsung is also in the plans to unveil several of their devices, even though the much awaited Galaxy S III wont be coming this month. Mobile World Congess coming later this month offers yet another ring for the bulls to fight in.
Christine Torralba of Android Authority says they got some info from their “Sources” that Huawei could be on their way to unleashing their most powerful smartphone yet, featuring a Quad core processor, expected to be a Tegra 3. Apparently Huawei will be releasing the Huawei Mediapad 10 and another smartphone, an Ascend D1 Q. This has led to speculation that the D1 is a code for the Diamond series and the Q means its a Quad core processor device. With such a huge bit of “info” then MWC looks like it’s worth the wait.

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    • Quad core definately looks like quite the deal, but is it really necessary for a smartphone? I find value in a good camera, good OS, UI and awesome design….plus physical durability.

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