Designer shows a sperm-shaped concept plane, inspired by stingray

future plane concept

future plane conceptConcepts are what keeps the blog world abuzz. They are done by designers with their idea of what a future product could be. Many breakthroughs have seen fruition from concepts that have been worked on to get the finished producs.

That’s What a designer named Anoop M at Yanko was thinking to achieve when he designed a concept of a plane that looked like a sperm. In essence, he meant to make it look like a shark, a moving shark. His idea is the future of transportation where the plane could transport two people, ofcourse the pilot and one passenger. This guy has been hanging around insects alot or has been doing bad things on tv. He notes that the concept then looks more like a stingray, but you agree with me that there is a popular organism that looks more like it.

The whip-like tail is meant to have a propeller while in air and turn to become the landing wheel, one wheel. How this would work to halt the copter leaves one wondering alot, plus how the passenger alights and gets on board. All the same it’s not bad to dream, right?

See the rest of the images here:


  1. Hi,
    I’m thinking about using this as a scaled model for a project I have to do. I’m designing an aviation museum and have to choose 5 jet planes or small aircrafts but I need the dimensions. Can you let me know what the size of this is? How wide, long, and the height? PLEASE PLEASE!

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