Samsung ChatON has gone to the web

Samsung ChatON Web

Samsung ChatON WebSamsung ChatOn was launched on the last week of August last year, and was aimed to be a competitor of popular messenger apps Blackberry Messenger, iMessage and Whatsapp. Initially built with compatibility for Samsung phones, ChatON was made available one Android, iOs and later preinstalled on feature phones, notably the Samsung Ch@t222. There was talk of making the app cross platform and even ultimately bringing it to the web.

The day is here. Samsung ChatON is now available for web. Just head on to the ChatON web page and sign up. Sign up process is simple, you will require to create a Samsung account from there you can log in via it. Once inside ChatOn you will require to enter your area code and mobile number for a verification code to be sent via SMS. Paste there and get chatting. You will need to have installed ChatOn on your phone as the same contacts are the ones you will require to sync with. I think this is a tough hit on whatsapp which has been intending to go paid and actually postponed the paid subscription. Moving your mobile chat to the web is a way of ensuring you are connected both on mobile and on desktop.

Samsung ChatON web version looks like the Yahoo messenger, with flexible pop-out chat boxes that you can move and float off the main site. The same are resizable and can be arranged on the page, several of them. Happy chatting!