Samsung Galaxy SII to get ICS from March 15

Android 40

Android 40Here’s something from the horse’s mouth, unlike what has been previously rumoured. Samsung Galaxy S II will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the mid of this month, going by Samsung Israel’s word. Previously, there was not a fixed date for Android 4.0 on the Samsung  flagship device and moneymaker.

It was just word from Samsung saying they will release it over the month, others fixing it to as early as 1st of March. Going by previous trends, European markets could be getting it sooner than that. So you could stop the idea of rooting the device just to get the coveted Ice Cream Sandwich from leaks which is just days away. Other devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note could not be far off too, might even be in a span of days going with the fact that there was a previous leak of the Android version for the Galaxy Note sold in China.



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