Tomorrow! March 10th, Samsung Galaxy S II gets ICS

ICS Galaxy S II

ICS Galaxy S IIWe have been predicting, assuming and guessing how soon we get to see Android Ice Cream the official version on the Galaxy Range. The wait is over, atleast for Samsung Galaxy S II users. Samsung has announced that from March 10th you should start seeing notifications on your devices. But Samsung says that you would require KIES 2.0 to upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich via KIES ot FOTA. KIES 1.5 doesnt support upgrading to ICS. Android Ice Cream promises some snazzy features on Samsun Galaxy S II such as:

  • Face Unlock and Android Beam
  • Mobile Network Data usage function is added
  • Usability of multi-tasking and some applications is improved
  • And of-course the restart menu

The add that Adobe fash and Bluetooth 3.0 HS will not be supported due to ICS features, but just yesterday I saw an Adobe flash update notification that promised to support ICS. Bluetooth 3.0 is supported though.
Before you choose to upgrade you will require atleast 60MB space if you are using KIES and 350MB via FOTA.
Please share your experiences in the forum discussion on the link below once you get it.


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