Nokia Launches Asha range of phones in Kenya with a #letsqwerty Movement

Nokia Asha Series Launched Kenya

Nokia Asha Series Launched KenyaNokia Asha 200, 201, 302 and 303 are now officially launched and available in the Kenyan Market. The launch done yesterday at an auspicious event where Nokia demoed the great use of the Nokia Series 40 devices. Nokia 200, 201 and 302 are the three qwerty phones announced during the event with an aim to bring style and simplicity of use to the low end masses. Nokia 303 is a touch and qwerty offering the best of both worlds, and is in my opinion the best of this new range. Nokia 302 was tagged as the first Nokia Series 40 phone to offer Mail for Exchange. Nokia is still on the quest for reaching the next billion. So far there has been sale of 1.5 billion Series 40 devices globally. Series 40 are the most widely used devices also, spanning the mass markets.

“Consumers are calling out for the right mix of style and substance,” says Angela Githuthu, marketing activation manager, Nokia East Africa. “We want to deliver phones that look great, but also give the richest possible experience in calling, texting or browsing the Web. We believe that ‘QWERTY’ is not just a feature, but a movement of expression that opens up communications in different communities, and that is why we are calling on consumers to join ‘The QWERTY Movement.’”

Nokia Asha retail prices are KES 7,300 for Nokia Asha 200, KES 7,300 for Nokia Asha 201, KES 10,000 for Nokia Asha 302 and KES13, 730 for Nokia Asha 303 and availability is in most shops within major towns.


  1. It is been a long time since I came to Techweez. It is good to be back here.

    I have one question thugh: Between Nokia Ashas (302 and 303 in particular) and Huawei Ideos, which one would you go for? 

    • I’d be confused, reason being very simple, the social media apps(twitter/facebook) are not well developed on series 40. Beyond that the two Nokias beat ideos 10-0, battery life,form factor, email(for the 302 it has exchange active sync), durability. These have it well sorted. Then the target market in the price point, most users do not desire a lot to feel that pinch in the lack of apps on series 40. Sent from my Galaxy Note

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