Want to invite wedding guests online on a social site? Try Weduary

Weduary launch

Weduary launchThe web is making things easier and easier, annd you dont have to create a mobile app to make an impact on the webs. Weduary did that in the world of weddings by recently launching a web app that allows a couple to create a custom web page, complete with customisations and invite their guests into the social-network-like site. Joining the site is via Facebook, so it will fetch your user information and as a guest you can tell which of your friends are invited. The information the site provides is date, time, location, hotel info and couple’s registry. Users get their own profile
It gets even juicier since here is a flirt section where lone guests can see the other singles attending the wedding. And you can flirrrrt all the way. See below the website launch video. So who is doing a wedding?