One month offer: Free Unlimited data for University students from Orange Kenya

Orange Internet Everywhere offer

Orange Internet Everywhere offerStarting today Orange has introduced a one month long offer for free unlimited data access for University and College students. This will be achieved via the Orange internet everywhere modem for new purchases. Orange will be touring various Universities and campuses in the next 30 days to create awareness of the offer and engage students.

The 3G Campus Offer also seeks to increase the adoption and use of Orange data services through the firm’s high speed 3G modems, as institutions of higher learning re-open for another semester this month. Students will be able to purchase these modems and data packages in the promotional caravans. For those who will miss out on it they can purchase a max of two modems per students as long as they present a valid student ID.

“Students can now enjoy reliable and affordable data bundles as well as fast speeds from Orange, as we seek to bring these much needed services to them, conscious of the value they will get as they head back to campus,” Orange Kenya CEO, Mickael Ghossein, said, adding that internet penetration among the youth is set to spur the uptake of e-learning as well as other ICT learning related tools.

For a student to qualify for the month-long offer they will need to purchase one month’s unlimited bundle which will then enable them get the first month free. Orange unlimited bundles are currently Kshs 39 daily, Kshs  249 weekly and Kshs 990 monthly for mobile handset access and Kshs 990 weekly, Kshs 2990 monthly on the Orange modem which costs Kshs. 1999.