What smartphone accessories do you use?

Samsung Galaxy S II Extended Battery

Most mobile phones are sufficient out of the box, and many mobile phone users do not find the urge to buy accessories. There are some that would be termed as basic and some as plainly luxury accessories for the fun of being seen with them. For example, there is a difference between a desktop stand and a car holder. See the former is more of a luxury, you really dont need it, the phone can sit in the pocket, but for the car holder, this would come in handy when you want to navigate with the assistance of the phone maps and voice navigation available in most smartphones. Also come in handy to see who is calling and can actually take handsfree calls(not recommended though). So I thought to list some of the phone accessories you would find yourself needing on a day to day basis.

Phone covers:

These are necessary to protect your phone from falls, scratches or just to keep it looking new.


If you are a music listener, you bet these are very integral in your day to day life, listening to music while passing time. I do this like almost always. Whenever am at my laptop working, I find it easy to concentrate when i have some soft rock playing in my ears, so I would list earphones among the basic accessories for my case.

USB Cables

Most phones come with these out of the box, but losing one would mean you scrambling to the shops ASAP to get another one, it would be quite handy to keep an extra pair somewhere.

Car holder

Are you a person who likes exploring? Voice guided navigation should be something worth a try. Its usually well aided by the car holder so you will have the phone in one fixed position and concentrate on driving and picking voice instructions, together with the map visuals. Also good to show you who’se calling and you can slow down and park knowing you really need to answer that call.

Desktop Stand

Not a very necessary item, but it gives you that prestige of having your phone stand in a way you can actually use it hands-free than lie around on the desk and you will have to pick it. Some are also able to give you some leverage where you can actually do video calls with the phone on the desk, awesome, right?

Bluetooth Headsets

Quite handy pieces those, I would say. If you are in an environment where you wouldnt rather whip out your phone, you are better off clicking at a tiny button on your ear and recieving your calls via bluetooth. Can be cumbersome though.

Screen Protectors

Most of the smartphones we use are touch devices, and prone to getting scratched or screen worn out with time. Also the exposure to drops makes the need for a screen protector high.

Extended Batteries

Some devices work perfectly with out of the box batteries, but those are very rare. Smartphones are selling just for the fact that they have long battery life. You have an option to upgrade this by buying an extended battery kit. Remember, more doesnt mean you will like the experience. Be prepared to strike a balance between good battery life and comfort in using your phone. I recently acquired an extended battery from the good guys over at Mobile fun. I loved the experience, just ordered it on Friday last week and it was already shipped and received on Monday.

Samsung Galaxy S II Extended BatterySadly I wont be needing it anymore as I lost my Galaxy S II the same week. Hadnt even tested the power of the new 2000mAh battery. When choosing this one(by the way it’s an original Samsung battery), I thought I needed more than a day’s battery life, read the reviews and saw some where users got 2 days battery life off this one, on their usual use(Galaxy S II can be a darling).

And no, I wont be getting another Galaxy S II, not with the much hyped Galaxy S III around the corner. And if I knew that I wasnt going to use this one, I would have ordered Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories instead, since that’s something worth waiting for.

Which brings me to my point, beyond my opinions, what accessories do you use, and which ones would you buy?


    • Lol, who doesnt. Even the hardcore fans of other phones are now closet craves of the Galaxy S III

  1. I don’t like the way phone covers add bulk to devices. My ideal phone would have a) a camera screen protector b) screen protector c) an extended battery d) a battery charger (separate from the phone charger)

    • Actually, that was very important(battery cover bulk) in the decision i made when ordering the 2000mAh battery, increased battery life without necessarily adding bulk to the phone.

    • Well, you can choose to buy them online and fit them yourself if your town has none available. Otherwise there is a shop I know at Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road and they fit it for you.

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