Quick Voice, LG’s version of Siri/S voice

LG Quick Voice

LG Quick VoiceYou wouldn’t say that Siri is the pioneer in this field, but it actually revolutionized the voice commands, which was already there thanks to Google voice, albeit with minimal success. Apple made the Iphone 4s huge by the marketing around the few new products that differentiated it with iPhone 4. One of them was Siri, one thing that stood out very prominently, outdoing Vlingo and other similar ones that were available on application stores across the board. Samsung recently announced S voice with the Samsung Galaxy S III. S Voice also had its own share of hype with some nice features like waking up the phone from sleep using commands.

Now we know LG is not one to be left out in the Samsung party, you know they actually developed a 5 inch smartphone right after the industry disrupting Samsung galaxy Note. But what would you expect of companies whose headquarters are metres away from each other probably with a person working in one and the spouse in the other? LG has since announced LG Quick Voice, albeit in the Korean market.

Quick Voice functionality is just like we have come to expect of previous players, Samsung and Apple, these being;
Voice dial,Youtube searches,Web search including natural language processing,Calendar and contacts creation.Quick Voice will be available from the end of June to Optimus Vu and Optimus LTE II.


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