Samsung announces Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330

Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330Samsung clearly has a large stock of ideas, but I wouldnt say the same of names. The Galaxy is the name that they have come to associate with success, but bundling repetitions of name iterations shows clear lacking in the marketing department. What is Samsung Galaxy Chat?

Names aside, they do have a nice product, and it seems they have been listening in the background, and success has not got into their heads. I remember also feeling this: that the Galaxy Pro and Galaxy Y pro needed a larger screen. Infact one of my friends Bobby, though an ardent Nokia fan, felt bad that the industry is moving away from the qwerty form factor. Nokia wasnt going to release any other high end smartphone after the Nokia E6, they are going all windows, and Asha phones would not be compensation enough.

But an Android phone running ICS would come somewhere close, particulary with the 3 inch screen. Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 is that phone, announced today.They say the phone is aimed at the socially active users. The smartphone dons Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich, a 3.0 touch screen QVGA, full qwerty, 2 mp fixed focus camera, 4Gb user memory with the usual 32gb microSD support, bluetooth v 3.0, USB 2.0 Wi-Fi 802.11(b/g/n) and a 1200mAh battery. That would be a try for Sammy as bringing a phone with such specs running ICS is a huge plus for the low to mid range consumers, no need to launch it on Gingerbread and promise for a year how it’s gonna get an ICS upgrade. Samsung likes to sell in-house Chat-On, and they have added a dedicated key to launch the chat application.

The phone will also come preloaded with Allshare Play, one of the functionalities that made Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S III rock, Game hub is also preloaded and there you get most popupar social games. Quick Ofice is also another app preloades, and last but not least is the S planner app.

Personally i would wish that Samsung has plans for an upgrade of this, with a better camera, something like 5mp autofocus, flash and a fast processor. This can very quickly become your everyday phone.
Availability is this month of July starting in Spain, then the rest of Europe, latin America, Middle East, China, South East Asia and Southwest Asia at what is said to be a competitive price. No mention of it rolling out to the usual markets like Russia and Africa.

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    • Only detail that is out is that it will be competitively priced, nothing more. So I assume that depending on the specs it will be a bargain.

  1. It looks cool. If only they could also release a similar touchscreen only version. I’m sure it’s in the works and will also have a crazy name like Galaxy Chat Pro.

    • Lol, this version was like upgrading the dual-sim Galaxy Y Pro that to some feels to tiny for touch. But it wouldn’t hurt to get one BTW, donning ICS also.

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