Samsung has passed the 6.5 million mark with the Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S IIIAs expected, Samsung is outdoing itself again with it’s new hot cake, Samsung Galaxy S III. Analysis firm JPMorgan is reported to indicate that Samsung has already pushed 6.5 million devices out of the stores for second quarter and forecasting  a whopping 15 million sales for Q3. This is a huge growth and an indicator of market confidence in Samsung’s new product. This year Samsung’s flagship device launched early in the US, almost the same time with the rest of Europe, and this is said to have helped boost the performance globally, unlike in previous devices where the US, one big market had to wait months to get it.

Samsung Galaxy S III thus is responsible for the realization of more than half of operating profits of the mobile phones division Considering there are also quite many mid to low end phones that Samsung is pushing in their hordes, ousting Nokia as the mobile manufacture leader by total device sales, Samsung Galaxy S III GT 19300 is doing some serious good to Samsung. Nearest rivals on the high-end front are HTC One X which is reported to sell quite badly compared to expectations, the momentum has also slowed down on Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4s, leaving Samsung with a window to push sales of the Galaxy S III into their tens of millions before the Q3 announcement of the iPhone 5.