Galaxy S4 rumours already up, here’s what’s out so far

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S IIISamsung is getting better and mellow by the day, you always expect that the next device will make you drool than the previous one. In a 2010 setting, his was Apple domain, but they have since been relegated to the courtroom newsmaker after the iPhone 5 failed to impress the expectant masses. Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S 3 was quite impressive and is selling like hot cake. It’s so far the best smartphone in the market, in my opinion, which is why it would be quite early to start discussing the next Galaxy. But since news is already out, let’s see what they are predicting so far.

Korea Times says that Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be announced in Q1 next year at Mobile World Congress, bear a 5 inch screen, the in-house Exynos Quad core processor and will ship in March. The S4 will also maintain the Galaxy S 3 rectangular shape with rounded corners shape and use OLED for screen technology, run Google’s Android, naturally this would be Jelly Bean but talk of it having flexible display is still an undecided move from Samsung as they say production problems would still hamper mass production.

Now we know Samsung has set a record of pushing their flagship device to the shelves days after unveiling the device to make as many sell when there is demand for the newest toy, that part could be true. But in history, Samsung has avoided announcing their flagship device at MWC and take it to a later event to reduce the time of announcement and availability in market as much as possible. The Korean news site says that 5 inch will mean a smaller device than the current flagship Galaxy S3 as there will be two factors ensuring this: The thinner bezel and absence of front buttons. Another thing that is subject to debate. Samsung has not released the global version of their flagship device without buttons, not even with the Galaxy Note range. That would be something new. Note, the Galaxy Nexus was not flagship. But you never know. What do you think?



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