Samsung still breaking records, sells 20million Galaxy S IIIs in 100 days

Galaxy S III 20 million

Galaxy S III 20 millionThings are still looking up for Samsung, even with a bad season in the California courts.. Previous sales records are a thing to go by and each of the flagship device from them outdoing the previous. And with the Galaxy S III they have already reached the 20 million devices global sales milestone, something other OEMs should be worried about, very worried. The milestone was realized in just 100 days since start of sales according to Samsung Blog. That is easily 200,000 Galaxy S III devices a day. High end devices keep pushing the profits of Samsung, meaning the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note could well be the biggest revenue earner in the mobile section of Samsung. This is quite positive for Samsung, considering they sell devices across the board, from low end dumb phones to the best smartphone in the market currently.

Samsung Galaxy S III has sold three times faster than the predecessor, the Galaxy S II and 6 times faster than the Galaxy S. This makes Samsung maintain the top spot of global smartphone sales, edging Apple further from the top. Most of these sales have been realized in the North America, Europe and China.

Source: Via Kachwanya

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