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That KitKat update? Sorry, your Galaxy S III won’t get it

So the day we all dreaded came to pass over 24 hours ago with just a simple statement to act as the "will" of...

Galaxy S III to get KitKat update by end of this month

Despite getting consistent reports from carriers and through leaks that the Galaxy S III is among the devices Samsung plans to upgrade to the...

Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Mega among Samsung devices getting KitKat

There has been widespread speculation as to whether Samsung will extend its support for its flagship devices launched in the year 2012 i.e the...
Galaxy S III Garnet Red

Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III is finally rolling out

Settings > About Phone > Updates The above is your first class ticket to happiness if you own the Galaxy S III. The international Galaxy...
Samsung Galaxy S III Gt-19300

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean test firmware [I9300XXUGMJ9] for the Galaxy S III leaks

While all the attention is on Android 4.4 KitKat and who is getting it or not, let's not forget some core things like that...

Android 4.4 Coming To All Major 2013 Samsung Galaxy Devices

We recently brought you news that Samsung is on course to release the Android 4.3 update for its devices including the Galaxy Megas (5.8...
Samsung Galaxy S4 case

Android 4.3 Update for Galaxy S4, Note II and Galaxy S III Coming Soon

Samsung promised during the Galaxy Note III launch event in Berlin early this month that all its flagship devices from last year and this...
Purple S III Sprint

Purple Samsung Galaxy S III anyone?

According to EVleaks, a purple Samsung Galaxy S III is headed to Sprint come mid-April. Not sure whether this will be limited to sprint...
Samsung Galaxy S III

UK phone shops recommend Galaxy S 3 and Note II over others

This seems like something that would come naturally following the sequence of events in the mobile phones world. I mean, Samsung ousting both Apple...
Samsung, Apple

Samsung smartphone sales poised to spike in 2013

Samsung must have very happy shareholders with all these good predictions by research firms and good acceptance in the market. Almost everything seems to...
Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade

Second set of features you get with Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade

3 days ago we listed the first batch of features that Samsung Galaxy S III users will get with the Premium Suite Upgrade that...
Samsung viral ad

Samsung Galaxy S III scoops 2012’s most viral Tech Ad

It was all fun and laughter till the fun became the best thing to ever happen to Samsung's mobile division. Samsung made the advert...
Iphone 5 rivals

What new phones rival the iPhone 5?

The mobile phone market has enjoyed a long period of technological advancement that has boosted the mobile phone from being a mere communication device...
Samsung Galaxy S III 30m

Galaxy S III still the to-buy smartphone as it hits 30 million

Samsung Galaxy S III still stands out as the high end flagship phone that is in most hands for 2012, and what you get...
Garnett Red Galaxy S III

Up the Table mountains with Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III

I had my first moments with the Garnet Red Galaxy S III this week, that was actually on Thursday, a few hours before the...
Samsung Galaxy S III

Official Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III starts to roll out

Looks like Samsung didnt want to be caught up in the discussion of whether they are prompt in getting updates for their devices. Looks...
Samsung Smart Stay

Smart Stay and reading on the Samsung Galaxy S III

What do you do with a 4.8 inch screen? Well apart from the usual seeing images larger, bigger videos, better gaming, browsing full page...
Galaxy S III 20 million

Samsung still breaking records, sells 20million Galaxy S IIIs in 100 days

Things are still looking up for Samsung, even with a bad season in the California courts.. Previous sales records are a thing to go...
Custom Galaxy S III canada

Samsung Canada sends loyal user a custom made Galaxy S III

A Samsung fan in Canada tried to convince Samsung Canada that since he owned a Samsung Tv, a Samsung Galaxy S  phone and a...
Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung headed for 70% of South Korean Marketshare

Samsung has been gaining mileage ever since they passed both Apple and Nokia in smartphone and total device shipments respectively.Samsung has a huge support...
Samsung S Voice

Samsung Galaxy S III goodness out ahead of time, now we have S Voice

The newest flagship Smartphone/superphone Samsung Galaxy S III from Samsung has had many talking, and even more eagerly awaiting it. More because of the...
The Next Galaxy

Samsung teases about The Next Galaxy with anagram, video [UPDATED]

Late last evening as I was watching the twitter timeline and engaging once in a while I came across this tweet from the official Samsung...