Galaxy S III does better than iPhone 5, HTC One X in consumer reports

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5Samsung is still making headlines with it’s flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III which has not gotten enough of the wowing to media, users and critics alike. Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy S III topped ratings for Consumer Reports among a whole 100 smartphones tested on the AT&T network. The Galaxy S III did 78, a point higher than the iPhone 5 and two ahead of the HTC One X. The iPhone 5 even while getting a test of the three versions, the 16, 32 and 64GB, still ranked 77.

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket tied with HTC One X at 76. Samsung  is doing well with the Galaxy S III, and top among the reasons it does well is the battery life, the big display, pre-installed apps by Samsung that make doing random usual things quite easy, like if I pick one functionality, the ability to shut a music player or phone call by either turning it to it’s back or placing a hand on the screen. Another feature like smart stay, quite useful for readers, burst shot for when you want to take so many images of a passing celebrity, S Beam that allows you transfer huge images via NFC, simple things like being able to ask the phone’s alarm to snooze in the morning via a voice command instead of grappling on the side table.

The Galaxy S III also has OS features that give it an advantage over devices that are not on the Android Platform, like data management settings, short-cuts in the notifications area that allow you to turn on and off some apps like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and notifications. This coupled with the fact that the numerous Apple-Samsung trials have tried to show Samsung devices as an equal to Apple devices which were previously thought to be superios and classy. Some still are, but competition is coming strong!