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A Quick Look at How Much iPhone Designs Have Changed Over the Years

Seeing that Apple has taken the wraps off its best iPhones yet for another year, we take a moment to reflect on how much...
iPhone 5 fire

iPhone 5 Catches Fire On Plane Just Before Taxi, Forces Evacuation

Apparently it could be dangerous to have an iPhone in a bag while on a flight. This is what this girl, Yarden Levi found...
Samsung viral ad

Samsung Galaxy S III scoops 2012’s most viral Tech Ad

It was all fun and laughter till the fun became the best thing to ever happen to Samsung's mobile division. Samsung made the advert...
Iphone 5 4G

Four reasons to consider an upgrade to 4G

Whether it is the sheer temptation of the iPhone 5, or a real need to get a faster web connection when away from the office,...
Iphone 5 rivals

What new phones rival the iPhone 5?

The mobile phone market has enjoyed a long period of technological advancement that has boosted the mobile phone from being a mere communication device...
Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

Galaxy S III does better than iPhone 5, HTC One X in consumer reports

Samsung is still making headlines with it's flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III which has not gotten enough of the wowing to media,...
iphone 5 screen

Nokia: Naah! iPhone 5 has no Gorilla Glass

I just caught a tweet from Nokia France Communications Manager, Xavier des Horts who apparently was among the first in line to purchase an...
Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5

Good things come to those who wait, says Nokia

Nokia has a message for smartphone purchasers who may be willing to buy the iPhone 5 recently announced and already shipping pre-orders. Nokia says...