Images of curvy cheaper iPhone show up in white

Cheaper iphone chasis

Cheaper iphone chasis

It has been rumoured for some time now that Apple is expected to unveil a cheaper iphone with dumbed down specs to try recoup the market-share lost to mid-range and low end Android smartphones. Images in multi-colours have appeared too in the web. The recent leaked images whose source FanaticFone website says are authentic are of a white chasis two angles of it, the rear and the inside.

Earlier on, an industry insider in Kenya confirmed to me that indeed Apple is working on a very cheap iPhone that could go as low as $230 unsubsidized. The insider also added that this could be the iPhone that is focused on emerging markets where Android has waged a serious war against all other platforms.

But FanaticFone is suggesting that the poly-carbonate built chassis could be the next version of the iPod touch. Well, Apple is not far away from their annual hardware announcements in the mobile sector so there is not much long to wait. Naturally we will get things clearer as we near that date.


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