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COVID-19 Force South Korea Operators to Close Call Centres, Queries to Be Answered by Chatbots

COVID-19 cases have sent people into a frenzy and for good reason: the virus has thousands of cases of deaths, and organizations and governments...
Smartphone Kill Switch

Devices made in Korea to feature Kill Switch Functionality

If you have lost a smartphone, a pricey one at that this may come as some good news to you. South Korea through the...
Uncle Sam

South Korea disappointed by Obama for saving Apple

South Korea is not okay with a recent move by US president Obama to veto ban on Apple products banned on a ruling by...
Galaxy Note 10.1 Medical

Samsung goes a notch higher with Galaxy Note 10.1 Medical Hub edition – Korea

Samsung has for quite some time now made it clear that the Note series is a range of productivity devices. With the S Pen,...
Bending batteries

Forget flexible displays, let’s look at bending batteries

Samsung demonstrated flexible displays at CES earlier this month and wowed media and the tech fraternity, making people wonder all the possibilities they had...
LG Optimus Vu

LG also sells 1 million LG Optimus VUs in South Korea

LG also had a milestone to report, that of selling 1 million Optimus Vu, their version of the phablet. As yonhapnews reports, the figures...
Samsung GALAXY Note II

Samsung hits the 1 million milestone with Galaxy Note II in home country

Samsung was making sales while you had your holidays, and this is evident by reports that they did 1 million sales of the second...
Galaxy S III 20 million

Samsung still breaking records, sells 20million Galaxy S IIIs in 100 days

Things are still looking up for Samsung, even with a bad season in the California courts.. Previous sales records are a thing to go...