South Korea disappointed by Obama for saving Apple

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

South Korea is not okay with a recent move by US president Obama to veto ban on Apple products banned on a ruling by ITC. This was following a patent infringement on Samsung product that would have seen an imports ban on several products from Apple, these being iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad  and iPad to that were found to have infringed on Samsung patents.

Samsung had filed for infringement of patents by Apple of the coding and decoding of wireless signals in CDMA architecture. ITC ruling was that the said products be banned from import and sales. Obama administration, in a move seen as protecting the Cupertino based company decided that the ban will not take effect. A move that wasn’t taken lightly by South Korea.

“The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy expresses concerns over the negative effect the decision by the US Trade Representative will have on the protection of patents held by Samsung Electronics ,” said the ministry.

Samsung and Apple have been engaged in legal tussles for the longest time with exchanges in courts from each side with varying levels of successes on either side. Samsung said that it had already moved to appeal on the ruling as it was based on one device and not on the total four that they had filed for.

Obama administration says that they refused to get rid of the older devices due to the effect they would have on the US consumers, public interest and competitive conditions. The Korean Trade Ministry said it will be observing an upcoming ruling due on the 9th of August and the decision the US admin will take on that.

via The Register