Samsung goes a notch higher with Galaxy Note 10.1 Medical Hub edition – Korea

Galaxy Note 10.1 Medical

Samsung has for quite some time now made it clear that the Note series is a range of productivity devices. With the S Pen, S Pen applications, multitasking, multi-screen, awesome battery life, RAM and processing power. Samsung is adding a beauty into this list, the Galaxy Note 10.1 Medical Edition. Announced in Korea, this device is not different in specs from the global variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

It’s just preloaded with  medical dictionaries for medical students, human anatomy and a lot of medical resource material. S Pen use is quite optimized for learning where students can interact with the images of human anatomy, choose to add colour, add notes and clip for reference and note-making. In essence, this will be a quite essential tool for leaning in the medical profession  Availability is at the moment in South Korea and users who will buy the 799,000 won (Kshs, 63,000/ $728)priced device will get a book cover case or blue-tooth Keyboard as an add-on.

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