Forget flexible displays, let’s look at bending batteries

Bending batteries

Bending batteriesSamsung demonstrated flexible displays at CES earlier this month and wowed media and the tech fraternity, making people wonder all the possibilities they had opened up. Well we have more in this world, actually coming from the same South Korea. Korean researchers headed by Professor Lee Sang-young at South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology are ten in total working on the project which also has a Professor John A. Rogers from the University of Illinois.
The researchers have been hard at work and have since demo-ed bendable batteries on video. These batteries are Lithium ion imprintable batteries that bend without any impact to power delivery.

The polymer electrolyte used in this technology is imprintable, bendable and shape-comformable is sprayed on electrodes and baked with Ultra-violet rays for half an hour making them create power units. The power units are actually faster to come up with than the standard Li-Ion manufacturing process.