Nokia: Naah! iPhone 5 has no Gorilla Glass

iphone 5 screen

iphone 5 screenI just caught a tweet from Nokia France Communications Manager, Xavier des Horts who apparently was among the first in line to purchase an iPhone 5 and see how Lumia 920 betters it. He has already made a stand that he doesnt believe the new iphone has Gorilla Glass. Several drop tests have been done by bloggers already pitting iphone 5 with other devices, the one I saw recently was a comparison with Galaxy S 3 by Android Authority that saw the iphone hold out strongly. So this and other tests have had blogs abuzz about the durability of iphone’s hardware, which was previously wanting. That mus have prompted Xavier’s move to do tests and find out what skill it has and add in the slogan #switchtoLumia.

Xavier didnt show the stress tests done on the iphone, but the tweet says it all. The iPhone shows cracks on the lower parts of the screen but none on the screen bezel, which would mean impact directly on the screen. Now bet you must have come across the conversation in the interwebs where Nokia prides itself for hardware durability, and that is surely one element they are going to exploit in their marketing.