Innovation, Energy and Power Savings key in LG Home appliances growth

LG Washing Machine, Refrigerator

LG Washing Machine, RefrigeratorLG Electronics is looking at doubling its sales volumes in the Home Appliances division in the next year, thanks to a sustained innovation trajectory and heightened marketing efforts.

  • LG controls 35 per cent of the regional Home Appliances market.
  • Some of the latest appliances can realize up to 70 per cent savings on electricity while the washing machines can save up to 60 per cent on water.
  • Currently an estimated 70 per cent of refrigerators and washing machines in the east and central Africa market are LG products – largely attributed to the company’s flexibility in meeting changing consumer demands.

“The amount of investments we commit to research and development is unmatched. The rising sales volumes are testimony that we are indeed on the pulse of the consumer needs. We will leverage on this going forward,” Said the Managing Director for East and Central Africa Mr. Josep Kim, speaking at a media event hosted to take stock of the changing regional market trends in the home appliances portfolio. The event comes in the wake of heightened market competition which Mr. Kim is confident that LG Electronics will wither and continue with its market dominance.

Home appliances technologies

The latest LG refrigerators come with an in-built Low Voltage Stabilizer which guards against power fluctuations while the  Washing Machines exclusively have the  Auto Restart function  which picks from where is stops in case of power outage, this accounts for the huge savings in time and energy. The company’s Microwaves come with intelligent i-sensor function which Cooks and Grills to the consumer’s taste without supervision. “The I-sensor actually enables the microwave to go off once the food is well done. Basically it’s pre-programmed with preset menus for different foods of the world,” said Angel Bisamaza, the Product Manager in the Home Appliances business unit.

Washing machines feature a brushless motor for a very silent wash and plenty of energy saving.

According to Mr. Kim, one of the company’s major selling points is the availability of products for various market segments which ensures that there is something priced for everyone whereas the performance is what sets LG apart from the rest of the competition.