Delving into LG’s Cutting-Edge OLED TV Technology

Source: LG Electronics

With years dominating the OLED TV market, LG Electronics (LG) has continuously upped its game with innovative releases annually. LG OLED TV sets have the qualities and features one seeks as the center of their premium home theater system. The diverse offerings are designed to cater to various customer preferences.

LG offers consumers a range of OLED TV options with up to 8k resolutions, a wide range of screen size options and different pricing options. These options complemented by the exceptional picture quality, thrilling contrast, great aesthetics, and industry-leading solutions such as MLA (Micro Lens Array) for higher levels of brightness set LG apart.

Before you buy a television set, brightness, resolution, screen size, refresh rates and energy efficiency are key things to consider. Considered the benchmark for high-end TV sets, OLED TVs are widely sought out when upgrading a home entertainment setup.

So, what is OLED? OLED stands for “Organic LightEmitting Diode.” This technology gives pixel-level lighting and dimming enabling better and more precise contrast ratio between dark and light shades. This allows OLED TVs to deliver perfect blacks since they can turn off their pixels. In addition, they offer reduced energy consumption, higher resolutions and refresh rates compared to other displays.

LG OLED TVs feature the company’s proprietary AI technology called ThinQ. LG’s ThinQ technology expands users’ AI experience allowing seamless compatibility without requiring additional devices. With partners such as Google and Amazon, ThinQ incorporates AI assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa into LG OLED TVs.

Additionally, it allows to interact with devices through voice commands and it can also respond through audio. This is complemented by ThinQ AI’s ability to learn from consumer patterns to improve performance and help enhance user experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the LG OLED TVs released in 2023:

LG’s OLED TV models released in 2023

This year, LG unveiled its high-end G3 model, mid-range C3 model and low-end B3 model in its 2023 OLED TVs lineup. Building on an already winning formula, the improvements in the latest generation of LG’s OLED TVs see the new lineup feature improved picture and sound processing. The latest Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor is powering the improvements in the G3 and C3. Unlike both the high-end C3 and B3 models that are using the new processor, the B3 is using the LG Alpha a7 Gen 6. Notably, all the models come with native a 120Hz refresh rate.

The LG Z3 features even brighter OLED thanks to the light-boosting algorithm, and control architecture, among other refinements. Powered by a powerful LG α9 AI Processor 8K Gen6, the Z3 boasts even refined image and sound quality. This processor is capable of upscaling up to 8k resolution.

LG is never shy of going big, its Signature Series M is an example of such. The 97-inch Signature M3 OLED TV refines LG’s OLED TV technology with a wireless design. It can transmit 4K/120Hz video without requiring any cable in addition to having both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. Its 4K 120 fps makes it suitable for not only the viewing experience but also gaming.

The Signature M3 OLED TV is set to retail at $36,999 (approximately KES 5.6 million).