LG has a Phone That Repels Mosquitoes

Would you get it?

lg K7i mosquito away phone

lg K7i mosquito away phone

We can say to an extent that smartphones nowadays generally look the same and it has made it hard for manufacturers to make their phones stand out from the crowd.

This year we have seen the resurgence of features to differentiate from the crowd like 18:9 edge to edge screens like the ones on the LG G6 or the Galaxy S8. Well, this new phone from LG offers a feature that you wouldn’t find in a flagship phone.

LG has a budget phone called the K7i and the company claims that it is the world’s first phone with “Mosquito Away” technology. What that means is that the phone produces ultrasonic waves from its back speaker that repels mosquitoes.

LG also claims that this technology is ‘absolutely safe’ for humans since by definition, ultrasonic frequencies are beyond the hearing range of humans. According to clinical trials, the ultrasonic frequencies repel 72.1% of anopheles gambiae mosquitoes.

However, the phone has another trick up its sleeve. If you don’t want the mosquito repelling abilities, you can just remove the “mosquito away” cover and slap on a normal back cover.

The rest of the specifications are what we call basic in today’s standards: A 5 inch 854 x 480 display, 1.1 Ghz quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage, 2500 mAh battery and a 5MP selfie/8MP rear camera combo.

Since this is a budget smartphone, it also comes with a budget price of 7,990 rupees, which is around KES 12,600 at the time of writing this article. Well, this phone has sure caught our attention and we wonder when it will be released in this market.


    • Notice it is made for India, now that sub-continent is quite hot, and thus has a bigger mosquito problem than we have.But yes, many of us do need that, especially seeing that mosquitoes have come in their numbers to participate in the Kenyan general election.

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