Samsung begins roll-out of S Pebble YP-W1 player

S Pebble YP-W1

S Pebble YP-W1S Pebble was announced together with the Galaxy Note, but wasnt available anywhere in the market till today, same as the induction wireless charger. So South Korea as always gets to enjoy seeing this as a new thing in the market. Availability in other markets is not mentioned though. The S Pebble music player will be priced at 79,000 South Korean won, that’s around $72.

The S Pebble is a light (13.7g) music player that is pebble shaped and with 32.5 x 43.1 x 13.3 (mm) dimensions and it’s covered in plastic. It can play MP3, WMA, Ogg and FLAC music files with a playtime of 17 hours and 4GB storage. Colours are Metallic Blue and Ceramic White.

Samsung has launched the S Pebble (YP-W1) music player for the South Korean market. The accessory was announced alongside Galaxy S III back in May that allows users to copy the music from the phone directly to the player without the need of PC. However, if you wish, you can still copy files from the PC.

The S Pebble music player comes in matching white or blue hues and is pretty light weight at 13.7g. The player also comes with a metal clip, SoundAlive audio tech and audio playback of up to 17 hours.

You wont need a PC to transfer music, though you can still transfer from it.

  •  Your content can be easily transferred from the GALAXY S III to the Samsung MP3 Player W1, meaning that even while you’re out and about, you can still charge and update the player.
  • Using the phone connector, you can easily drag and drop files between your  Samsung MP3 Player W1 and the GALAXY S III.