Samsung is still the largest mobile seller


This week is not only packed with tech events locally and abroad but it is also a good week for Samsung. For the third quarter in a row, Samsung has been declared the biggest mobile seller by a research that was conducted by IDC. It boasts of a 23.7 percent of the mobile phone market.
Samsung sold 105.4 million phones in Q3 of 2012 which reflects a 21% increase when compared to the same period in 2011. More expressly, Samsung holds a 31.3 percent of the Smartphone market which is more than double Apple’s 15 -percent.
Nokia sold 82.9 million phones in Q3 2012 which mirrors a 22.2 percent drop over Q3 2011 in the end giving it an 18.7 percent of the market share. In position three was Apple with a total market share of 6.1 percent and LG closing the top four with a measly 3.1 percent. We got this info from one research firm and it is expected to vary as other analysts release their results.

Image: techyouth