MegaUpload has 9 lives, relaunching very soon


For the file sharing lovers, next year’s gifts have started coming in early. Mark your calendars on January 20th as Mega upload is coming back with bigger and better features. The founder Kim Dotcom shall be back in business.He had been arrested and charged with racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering. He announced the re-launch of a new version of mega upload after several meetings with devs, lawyers and investors.
The date for the relaunch is not just tentative but coincides to the same date when police raided his mansion. Kim has given word that Megaupload will return with a massive feature with enhanced security measures to ensure the government cannot shut the service again. Among the new features we shall see is an Advanced Encryption Standard Algortithm. From his words, Megaupload shall “turn this world upside down”.