File browsing to be made easy on WP8 by Windows Phone app

Windows phone app

Windows phone appRemember those days when one would require an internet connection just to move files from your Windows phone device to the PC? Well that came to an end today when Microsoft availed an app in Microsoft Store to ease the process. Windows phone app, clearly released after the launch of Windows 8 launch so that you can only use it on Windows 8, both PC and smartphone makes file browsing even easier than it is on, say Symbian or Android.

Windows Phone app promises to allow for seamless access and sharing of photos, videos and music between your phone and PC, both of which need to be running Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT respectively. Chances that this will be available for devices running Windows 7.8 when the upgrade comes are quite high.

Dont try using it if you are still running 7.5, be patient. With the app you will be able to save photos  and videos you take with your phone to the PC and at the same time see what amount of space you are using for each type of content. Windows 8 was launched last week on the 26th of October while Windows Phone 8 launch is slated for later today in San Francisco. So this means Microsoft launched it in time for showcase during launch and also to be available for early adopters of Windows phone 8.