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Xbox Series S specs

Leaked Xbox Series S Commercial Reveal Killer Specifications

  Microsoft revealed the much leaked Xbox Series S today and they promised a lot of features for $299. Despite the price reveal, they never...
Xbox Series S

Microsoft Makes the Xbox Series S Official, Carries Low Price Tag

Microsoft has announced a new gaming console today, the Xbox Series S which has been leaked for months. The company revealed this on their Xbox Twitter account...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft Will Phase off Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge

Microsoft announced that they will start phasing out their old browsers, which is a long time coming. The company described a timeline of when Microsoft...

[UPDATED] Oracle Reportedly in Talks to Acquire TikTok

Looks like every big tech company in the U.S wants to acquire a piece of the TikTok pie. Oracle is the latest. The enterprise...
Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo Specs and Pricing Revealed, It is Not Cheap

Microsoft has finally revealed more information about their eccentric Surface Duo Android smartphone today. They announced this feature almost a year ago and we finally get...

[UPDATED] Twitter Reportedly in Talks to Acquire TikTok Operations in the U.S

Are you really even a tech company if you haven’t explored acquiring TikTok? UPDATE: Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is now following TikTok Comms on Twitter....

Microsoft Confirms That They’re in Talks to Buy TikTok, Deal To Be Concluded by September 15th

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that they are in talks to buy TikTok in the US. In a blog statement, the tech giant has said...
Microsoft Editor

This Microsoft Browser Extension Is Here to Take on Grammarly

Microsoft recently rebranded Office 365 to Microsft 365 as the Redmond-based tech giant forays into features that extend beyond the work life. One feature...
microsoft android office app

Microsoft Merges Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a Single Android App

We all have apps of different types and in some cases, we have multiple apps from the same company. Microsoft is known for their suite...

Clicked: Alphabet Joins the Trillion-Dollar Club Plus More ICYMI Tech Stories

It has been a rollercoaster this past week in terms of what tech giants have been up to and Clicked is here to break...
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser is Here But It Misses a Key Feature

Edge Chromium is Microsoft's new broswer based on Chromium that also runs the popular broswer, Google Chrome. You can now download it for use
Kendi Nderitu

Kendi Nderitu Leaves Check Point to Lead Microsoft as Kenya Country Manager

Technology multinationals operating in the Kenyan market were shaking up their leadership teams for the better part of Q4 2019. Networking corporation, Cisco, for...
xbox series x

Microsoft Unveils Their Next Generation Xbox Series X Console, Inspires Memes

Microsoft finally unveiled how their latest console, the Xbox Series X looks like and of course people trolled it hard on Twitter
Delegates at the CFO roundtable follow proceedings

Microsoft and Harvard Business Review Detail the Changing Roles of CFOs and COOs in the Digital Era

New digital technologies such as the use of social media platforms, smartphones and corporate tools such as big data and AI are advancing at...
outlook Logo

Microsoft is Testing Google Services Integration in Outlook

Outlook is one of Microsoft's most recognizable service's especially in the corporate world. Many professionals rely on Outlook to sort out their multitude of...

Microsoft is Hitting the Final Nail to Cortana’s Coffin

Remember Cortana? You probably don't use it often and Microsoft is kind of admitting that with a recent change. According to a support article posted...

Liquid Telecom and Microsoft Renew Cloud Partnership for New Edge Locations

Liquid Telecom has announced an extension of its telecom operations with Microsoft. The new development will see the pan-African company launch a new series...
microsoft edge location nairobi

Microsoft ‘Quietly’ Announced an Edge Location in Nairobi Months Ago

  Cloud computing is a delicate frontier with the big tech companies fighting for market share. The Cloud has become an integral part of our...
Samsung Android 10 roadmap

Microsoft OneDrive Will Replace Samsung Cloud on Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy devices are slowly becoming Microsoft devices. This could be the end for Samsung's apps that come preinstalled on their Galaxy devices. The...
Lumia 640

Microsoft Is Shutting down Windows Phone 8.1’s App Store in December

All good things must come to an end. Microsoft is shutting down the Windows Phone 8.1 app store this coming December. The Redmond-based tech giant...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft Planning to Connect 40 Million Internet Users in Latin America and Africa

According to the latest statistics, roughly 58% of the global population uses the internet. There are still pockets of people around the world that...
microsoft october event

5 Products Announced By Microsoft in Their October Event

Today, Microsoft held a keynote where they announced their next iterations of their Surface devices as well as a number of surprise entrants. The Refreshes Microsoft...

Microsoft Believes Going “Passwordless” Will Be Natural and Improve Security for Everyone

In this online world that we live in, we are faced with multiple security threats. It ranges from general malware to ransomware to phishing...

Microsoft Report Reveals Africans are Incredibly Vulnerable to Malware Attacks

Malware is an ever present threat in our daily online lives. Our computers are vulnerable to malware lurking in the inter-webs like Trojans, spyware,...

Microsoft Set to Retire Wunderlist, Redesigns its To Do App and Adds Dark Mode

Microsoft's acquired Wunderlist in 2015 to later release its own To-Do app in 2017 that got most of its features from Wunderlist that is...

Microsoft Brings Dark Mode to All its Office Apps and Office.com

With dark mode gaining moment now that Android 10 and iOS 13 are bringing system-wide dark mode, companies are readying their apps and Microsoft...
Jack Ngare

Jack Ngare Joins Microsoft As Managing Director for Africa Development Centre

Jack Ngare has been appointed the Managing Director of Africa Development Centre (ADC) in Kenya that was launched by Microsoft sometime in May 2019. The...
microsoft windows cloud download

Microsoft is Testing a ‘Cloud Download’ Feature for Windows

Restoring your data can be a nuisance for a lot of people. This happens when you lose a computer or a phone and you...
microsoft digital transformation future workforce

Microsoft Paints the Grave Nature of the Kenyan Cyberspace in New Report

Over the last several years, there has been a disturbingly high number of cybercrime cases across the globe. Kenya is one of the countries...
windows 10 update

Windows 10’s Next Major Update is Apparently a Minor One

Microsoft launched Windows 10 4 years ago and they release 2 major updates yearly. They initially gave these updates cool names like 'anniversary' or...

Kenya to be Part of Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program for Women-led Startups

Kenya will be one of the nine countries that will benefit from Microsoft’s Cloud Accelerator Program that entails a 6-month training designed to help...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft is Pushing for a Robust Privacy Framework in the U.S. on GDPR’s First Anniversary

Europe has been at the forefront in ensuring that the region has an airtight data protection framework. The continent implemented the General Data Protection...
facebook local language support africa check

[UPDATED] Change These Default Privacy Settings Right Now! From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Amazon

From 2018 to the past few months of 2019, our personal data from social media sites and other tech giants has been hacked, scandalized...

Why Windows Sandbox Is One of the Exciting Features of the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows Sandbox is one among a couple of features coming with the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update and has me excited. With this...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft Opens First $100 Million Africa Development Centre in Kenya and Nigeria

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are opening their first Africa Development Centre in two African countries: Kenya and Nigeria. Their initial sites will be set...