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Microsoft is Pushing for a Robust Privacy Framework in the U.S. on GDPR’s First Anniversary

Europe has been at the forefront in ensuring that the region has an airtight data protection framework. The continent implemented the General Data Protection...
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[UPDATED] Change These Default Privacy Settings Right Now! From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Amazon

From 2018 to the past few months of 2019, our personal data from social media sites and other tech giants has been hacked, scandalized...

Why Windows Sandbox Is One of the Exciting Features of the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows Sandbox is one among a couple of features coming with the Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update and has me excited. With this...
microsoft edge internet explorer

Microsoft Opens First $100 Million Africa Development Centre in Kenya and Nigeria

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they are opening their first Africa Development Centre in two African countries: Kenya and Nigeria. Their initial sites will be set...
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Microsoft Launches AI Whitepaper in Kenya, Maintains Artificial Intelligence is Pivotal to Economic Growth

Microsoft has been making notable strides as far as artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI is concerned. This is not a new development though;...

Windows 10 Doesn’t Require You to Safely Remove a Flashdisk Anymore

How many of you still use a flash drive? I know I don't, but people close to me use them a lot to transfer...
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Microsoft Praises its Cloud Services as It Sways Kenyan Organizations with Azure Capabilities

Microsoft’s presence in the African market can be traced to more than three decades ago. The technology corporation, which is popularly known for its...

Clippy Resurrected for a Brief Second Before Microsoft Killed Him Again

Clippy was one of the assistants Microsoft Office introduced in 1997 to help users with basic tasks that some were finding annoying and offered helpful...
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Microsoft’s First Africa Data Centres Are Live in South Africa

Exactly one year ago today, Microsoft staged a local meet with media reps to discuss the importance of cloud services for local businesses. At...

Lets Talk About Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge

The Facebook 10 Year challenged has been trending this past week with people sharing photos from what they looked like in 2009 and now....

CES 2019: The Best, Bad and Weird Tech Products

CES 2019 wrapped this past weekend and kicked off product launches that ranged from the wild to the weird tech we expect to see...

Apple Stumbles, HTC Struggles and Microsoft Thrives

Apple revised its revenue guidance for its fiscal 2019 first quarter. This is the first time they're cutting this since 2002. Apple lowered its...

Kenyan Firm to Receive Microsoft’s AI for Earth Innovation Grant

For some time now, technology corporation Microsoft and the National Geographic Society (NGS) have provided financial support to innovators for research on global issues...

Microsoft Now Neck and Neck with Apple as the Most Valuable Companies

Microsoft is now neck and neck with Apple. When Big Tech conversations come up, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook always take centre stage while underestimating...

Apple Is Still the Most Valuable Company, Microsoft Comes Second

Late last week, it was reported that Microsoft had dethroned Apple to become the most valuable US company. It was just for a brief...
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Microsoft Moves to a Password Free Future for Microsoft Services

The password is one of those problematic things that we have to use to login to our online accounts. Although the password is used...
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Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen is Dead at 65

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen has passed away. Allen, who died from complications from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, had...

Facebook’s Portal is a Privacy Breach in Waiting, Microsoft Declares Love for Linux, We Learn That Google+ Isn’t Really...

Facebook Portal is the social media giant’s entry into the hardware realm. Facebook launched both Portal and Portal+, their new voice-controlled, video-calling device that...
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8 Major Features To Check Out in The New Windows 10 October Update

There is now a new Windows 10 update and it has followed a new trend of expecting a new major update on Windows 10...
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Microsoft Refreshes Surface Lineup, Matte Black Finish Steals the Show

Yesterday, Microsoft had their scheduled keynote address where we expected the refresh of some devices and interesting enough, we had a surprise announcement which...

Twitter Pulls the Plug on Alex Jones as Instagram Turns into an E-Commerce Platform

Conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones and Infowars get permanently banned from Twitter Alex Jones got axed from Twitter after confronting Oliver Darcy, a CNN journalist who had...
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Microsoft’s New App Mirrors Your Android Phone Contents to PC

Microsoft introduced the linking feature to your phone a couple of Windows 10 revisions ago and it has been their way to take advantage...

Google’s $5bn EU Fine, Android Fuchsia, Editable Tweets and Can Facebook Fix Itself?

Google So what did Google do, why are they being fined and are they really guilty? Google is a giant tech company and the European Commission...

No. Facebook Isn’t Spying on You, Gmail is

Who exactly is reading your Emails? So last year, Google said it would stop scanning your emails for ad targeting. But did they? According to the...

Facebook Reverses Ban on Some Crypto-Ads, Updates Stories as It Reaches 400m Daily Users

Facebook & Co. Facebook relaxed its ban on some cryptocurrency adverts. The company will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like...

Intel CEO Resigns, IGTV Launches, Facebook’s AI Fight Against Fake News

Instagram debuts their Youtube competitor, IGTV The long form video platform will allow anyone to upload videos either from the dedicated IGTV app or through...

AT&T-Time Warner Merger now Legal, Net Neutrality Is Dead and Bow to Blockchain Religion

AT&T now allowed to merge with Time Warner, US Court rules. Last week on Monday, US court judge ruled that AT&T can complete its $85B...
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TechnoBrain Seals an Agriculture-Empowering Deal for Africa Farmers with Microsoft

It appears that the partnership between Microsoft and TechnoBrain is taking another leap. A few weeks ago, the two technology companies sealed a deal...

Microsoft Buys Github, Apple Trolls Facebook, Dramatic Departure of WhatsApp Founders from Facebook

In this week's Clicked, we cover Github's acquisition by Microsoft, Apple's WWDC and the shade they gave Facebook and the expensive split from Facebook...
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“Microsoft Will Force People to Use Edge to Access GitHub” and Other Stories

Over the weekend, news broke that Microsoft would acquire code-repository company GitHub. Today, Washington-based Microsoft confirmed the news and disclosed that they forked out $7.5...
Microsoft Middle East and Africa Director for Government and Regulatory Affairs Christopher Akiwumi (R) and Strathmore Law School Dean Dr Luis Franceschi

East Africa’s Courts Set to Benefit from Microsoft-backed Digitization Upgrades

Microsoft and Strathmore University School of Law have devised a partnership that will see key strides made in the manner East Africa’s judicial systems...
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Hillary Clinton Wants to Run Facebook,GDPR Mayhem,Spiegel’s Shade and Other Tech Stories from This Week

In this week's Clicked, we delve in how companies are panicking in reaction to GDPR,Papua New Guinea banning Facebook but not with good intentions,Facebook...
(L-R) Tonny Tuggee SEACOM General Manager East North East Africa Region, Sebuh Haileleul, Microsoft East Africa Country Manager, Carl Martens Microsoft East Africa Azure Specialist and Steven Van der Linde SEACOM Chief Sales Officer pose for a photo during the launch.

Microsoft Inks Deal with SEACOM to Provide Low-Latency Cloud Connections for Businesses

Microsoft has been involved in a lot of activities in the country as it aims to bolster its internet-based solutions for its clients. We...
Techno Brain MS Testing Centre

Kenya Gets Africa’s First and Exclusive Centre for Testing Microsoft Software

Microsoft has made a significant step in pushing its business in the Kenyan market and the larger continental Africa. Its latest stride in the...
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iTunes is Now Available on the Microsoft Store

iTunes took long enough to land at the Microsoft Store