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Microsoft Tipped to Go After Google’s Chrome OS with Windows 10 Cloud

Chrome OS, the lightweight operating system centered around Google's Chrome browser has made serious inroads thanks to the affordable hardware it runs on which...

Windows 10 Will Get a Game Mode to Allow Games to Maximize Performance

Coming soon with the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft’s Hour Of Code Training In Frank Educational Centre

Frank Educational Centre is the third location Microsoft and its partners visited to teach kids how to code.
kangemi resource centre 3

Microsoft’s Focus With The “Hour Of Code” Workshop At Kangemi Resource Centre

Microsoft's Hour of Code workshop commenced in Kangemi Resource Centre where kids were trained in writing basic code using a certain program

Microsoft Appoints New General Manager for West, East, Central Africa

Microsoft has announced the appointment of Amr Kamel as the new General Manager for the West, East, Central Africa and Indian Ocean Islands  (WECA) region....

Microsoft’s Latest Android App is Targeted at News Junkies

Microsoft's experimental projects lab aka Microsoft Garage is back at it again. This time round, the band of engineers from Microsoft that has developed a reputation...
onedrive devices

Microsoft’s OneDrive May Still Get Placeholders

I'm crossing my fingers for this.

Nokia 216 is the Latest Cheap Phone from Microsoft

The Nokia legacy lives on.

Lenovo Smartphones to be Preloaded With Microsoft Apps

Microsoft's new focus is no longer trying to drive users to its own mobile platform but, instead, reaching out to users on whichever platform...

Microsoft Closing Down Regional Lumia Social Media Accounts

Let's not pretend, you could see it coming.

Microsoft’s IFTTT Equivalent Arrives on Android

One more app for #workflow peeps.
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Updates Word, PowerPoint and Outlook With Several Key Features

Writing research papers is going to be much easier thanks to this update.

Microsoft’s OneDrive Gets Some of The Cool Features That Made Us Love Google Photos

This should make you use OneDrive for more than just photo backup.

No More Angry Birds For All Windows Devices

This isn't surprising at all.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure for SMEs: Made for Each Other

Value additions for small businesses.

The Office Apps for Android You Should Be Using

You don't need to have a PC with you all the time to be productive.

Microsoft Wants to Convince You Edge is the Least Power Hungry Browser

  If you have a PC, one of the activities you will be engaged in is browsing the web and this means that you have...
microsoft and linked in

See this Hilariously Plausible Visualization of LinkedIn Under Microsoft

Microsoft, the giant tech company made headlines yesterday when they announced that they have bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash! It made sense...

Microsoft Adds Linkedln to its Professional Network for $26.2 Billion

Now Microsoft has a new platform where they can continue to urge you to switch to windows 10

Microsoft’s Murphy Bot Can Predict Which Team You’re Backing in Euro 2016

Microsoft is using its deep learning algorithms that can read human faces and make several conclusions. The what-fan bot, named Murphy, scans one's face and matches them with those of players taking part in Euro 2016 to determine which team they are supporting.

5 Quality Smartphones in the Kshs 15,000-20,000 Price Range in Kenya Right Now

I am a big believer in not just getting a good deal but also getting value for my money. Money does not come easily,...

Windows Phone’s Market Share Has Gone From Bad to Worse in Just One Year

In the first quarter of 2015, Windows Phone, Microsoft's mobile platform, had 2.5% market share. Even though that was peanuts compared to the double...

Brace Yourselves, Nokia is Back in the Mobile Market

Nokia, the one-time mobile device giant that lost its glory, is finalizing plans for its grand re-entry to the mobile device world. Recent developments...

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