Another way for Kenya to get money off Paypal, through Moneygram

paypal moneygram

paypal moneygramGetting money off Paypal to either bank or hard cash has been a tussle to many in East Africa and many other parts of Africa. Paypal has these huge restrictions hence reducing the kind of partners they can engage in the region. Paying for stuff on-line is never really an issue as many merchants and online outlets accept debit and credit cards, we have several options for those like the Safaricom/I&M Safari Card, Co-op debit card among others that can allow you make payments on-line and even connect to paypal for paypal payments. There has been several solutions presented to solve the problem that is receiving money, you see you cannot just have money in Paypal and call it yours while you dont have total freedom as to how you will use it. Nation Hela came in in a big way promising to be the solve-all through 3Gpay, but that was for a limited time, it no-longer works, atleast for me. There are other solutions like Trinc-Money, this I found abit pricey though.

Paypal and MoneyGram have recently come up with a solution to tackle that their own way. You see Moneygram has a huge coverage of physical locations you can get cash, that’s 284,000 in total, globally. And that would mean major towns and cities. This deal will mean covering 196 countries in the world although the pilot which will be in the US in the start of 2013 has not had fixed dates as to when it actually reaches out to the other 195 countries. Dan Schatt, Head of Financial Innovations, PayPal notes that they seek to work across multiple platforms and devices with their digital wallet to offer customers more control, flexibility and functionality while interacting with their money.

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