Samsung’s J.K Shin: settling with Apple not on our minds

Samsung vs Apple

Samsung vs AppleApple and HTC settled on a licensing deal after HTC sought a Patent settlement with Apple recently. HTC’s settlement could see them paying a total of $280 million for existing and future patents. However, that wont make Samsung consider that as an option. Samsung has a plan to fight to the bitter end and clearly they have no intention to quit as they currently hold the second highest number of patents in the US after IBM.

“Regardless of HTC’s settlement with Apple, we have no intention [to settle],” President Shin resolutely told reporters at the company’s headquarters in Seocho, Seoul Wednesday.

According to an industry insider in Kenya, HTC could settle that way but Samsung cant as they have the future to look up to, in any case, if they did settle it would mean very huge amounts of payments as Samsung’s shipment cannot compare with HTC’s. HTC did less than 8 million total device sales for the 3rd quarter of 2012 while Samsung did 98 million units, making it the number one devices vendor.

Samsung also expects Q4 to break the seams with sales, even better than the 3rd quarter according to Shin. J.K. SHin also denied rumours that the next flagship device, the Galaxy S4 will have flexible display, adding that it will take longer before the technology is ready for mass production.