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Everything Announced in the September Apple Event

The long awaited Apple Event for September was held yesterday and it started by focusing on two products. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO...
iPhone 12 render

Analyst Claims iPhone 12 Will Not Ship With Basic Accessories

  We are squarely into iPhone 12 (or whatever it will be called) hype season and this means we get to hear wild things about...

The Best and Funniest Tweets From Apple #WWDC20 (So Far)

Apple's developer conference is on and they have made a lot of announcements ranging from new MacOs name, iOS 14, new privacy controls, ditching...
covid-19 ios android exposure notifications

Google and Apple Silently Add COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

Google and Apple have added the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications option on both iOS and Android as a silent background update. Today, people have noticed these...

Apple Files Patent For Virtual ‘Socially Distant Selfies’

Apple has been granted a patent that will allow the phone to create "synthetic group selfies", which has become a new reality in this...
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You Can Easily Enter the Apple Ecosystem For the Same Price as the $1400 Galaxy S20 Ultra

We are living in strange times. Apple does not have the most expensive phone on the mass market. That honour goes to the Samsung...
iPhone 11

Production Issues Will Delay Availability of Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 12

Smartphone companies are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their industry that affecting their supply and manufacturing processes. Apple's upcoming iPhone 12...
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Apple Planning to Sell 12 core ARM Based Macs in 2021

Apple has been making Macs with Intel chips for years now to the point of being obvious. They also sell iPhones and iPad with...

Sign in With Apple: List of Companies Supporting This Functionality

During last year's WWDC, Apple announced new products and services including iOS 13 that added system-wide support for dark mode, WatchOS 6, updated iMessage,...

Apple Considers Delaying iPhone 12 Launch By Months Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the global capitalistic system and it is forcing companies to make some difficult decisions. According to Nikkei, sources say that Apple is...
Coronavirus disease COVID-19

[UPDATED] Impact of Coronavirus(COVID-19) on Tech Companies So Far

  Coronavirus(COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 has brought panic across the world. The viral outbreak occurred just before the Lunar New Year in China - a time...
apple will allow ads push notifications

Apple Will Allow Apps to Push Ads on Notifications

We are constantly bombarded by notifications daily and from different apps. The notifications range from your normal Twitter mentions to Facebook bothering you to...

Apple Doesn’t Allow Villains to use iPhones in Movies

We have seen movie characters use phones for so many years. From the days of payphones to the age of smartphones, protagonists and antagonists...

Apple is Considering Letting 3rd Party Apps Run as the Default Option

We know Apple as that company that ships a ton of iPhones each year and trapping them into the lovely walled garden. They are...
iPhone 11 Pro

10 Reasons Why You Would Consider an iPhone over an Android Phone

We are essentially in a duopoly market for smartphones. When people are either upgrading or buying a new smartphone, they consider either to get...

Clicked: Alphabet Joins the Trillion-Dollar Club Plus More ICYMI Tech Stories

It has been a rollercoaster this past week in terms of what tech giants have been up to and Clicked is here to break...

Apple Slated to Officially Show up at CES 2020

It's been 28 years since Apple was officially at a CES event. the last time they were a participant was in 1992 at the...
iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Predicted to Release iPhones Twice a Year Like Some Android Phones

Apple is known for their September release schedule for their iPhones. People know that that is the time they decide whether they need to...
iPhone 8 Plus

Apple Set to Launch “iPhone SE2” Early Next Year Targetting iPhone 6 Users

Are you an Apple consumer who still misses the iPhone SE, then fret not - Apple is working on "iPhone SE2" that they are planning...
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Sony Details Guide For Using DualShock 4 Controller for Apple Devices

Sony's PlayStation brand is one of its well known and strong assets. The PlayStation 4 brought about the DualShock 4 controller which you connect...

Your iPhone 11/11 Pro Will Notify You if a Fake Display is Installed

Apple made touchscreens cool on smartphones and since then, most smartphones sport some form of touchscreen. The unintended effect to this is that they made...
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Apple Should Consider Making These 4 Devices

Apple products are loved all over the world. People love their products to the point where others regard it as a 'cult'. They sell...
iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Announces the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro with Odd Camera Cutouts

Apple today has finally revealed their new generation of iPhones. The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. This is usually their most important...
apple icloud biometrics

Apple Testing Biometric Login on iCloud Sign-in

iCloud is an essential Apple service that iOS users regularly use and it is about to get a significant update. According to MacRumors, Apple is...
apple jony ive

Apple Announces that Jony Ive is Leaving the Company

Jony Ive, one of Apple's most recognized senior executives leaving the company, as Apple reports. Apple says that their Chief Design Officer will depart the...

iPadOS is the Best Thing That Has Happened to the iPad in Years

Yesterday, Apple surprised everybody by announcing a revamped operating system for the iPad. Until yesterday, we were used to the iPad getting a slightly...

Apple Launched a New Web Sign in at WWDC 2019 – Here’s How It Works

At WWDC 2019, Apple made both software and hardware announcements. One feature they unveiled aimed at privacy was the company's single sign-on(SSO). This feature...

Recap of Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2019

Apple's WWDC 2019 just ended where we got both software and hardware announcements from iOS 13, macOS 10.15, the new Mac Pro plus other...

WWDC 2019: What to Expect from Today’s Apple Event

WWDC 2019 kicks off tonight at 8 PM local time EAT and there's a lot to expect from Apple's now 30th conference. We expect...

WWDC 2019: Apple Decommissions iTunes, Clears out Its Facebook and Instagram Pages

Apple is reportedly moving away from its iTunes brand and the music library may end after 18 years as Apple breaks out Podcasts, Video,...
kra wants to tax income from apps downloaded in kenya

Apple Increases Cellular Download Limit for Apps and Files

We have relatively large apps on mobile app stores and it is safer to download via Wi-Fi. This is to prevent depleting your mobile...
facebook local language support africa check

[UPDATED] Change These Default Privacy Settings Right Now! From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Amazon

From 2018 to the past few months of 2019, our personal data from social media sites and other tech giants has been hacked, scandalized...
apple new ipod touch

Apple Refreshes the iPod Touch Nearly 4 Years Later

You thought the iPod was dead? Well Apple is not done yet with the lineup thanks to a new update to the iPod touch. Today...
iTunes selling data

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Apple is Selling their Customer’s iTunes Listening Data

Apple is a company that has marketed itself, especially of late, about how they value privacy of their consumers. This is why this piece...
apple antitrust lawsuit thrown out supreme court

US Supreme Court Rules Against Apple on App Store Antitrust Lawsuit

Today, the United States Supreme court ruled against Apple where they said iPhone users can pursue their antitrust lawsuit involving Apple's App Store. This...