Transformer Pads and gaming

Asus Transformer Pad
Asus Transformer Pad

Any tablets looking to make any impact in an market as crowded as the mobile device one, need to have something that will make them stand out from all of the other available choices – especially when it comes to gaming, which is still one of the most popular uses of mobile devices for a great many people. Fortunately the latest versions of the Asus Transformer Pad – the Prime and the Infinity – do have plenty to offer from a gaming point of view which could see them stand as serious rivals to the previously all-conquering iPad.
The biggest single thing that both the Prime and the Infinity (as well as lower-cost models like the 300) have to offer those looking to use these devices for gaming is the processor – a quad core Nvidia one. The combination of graphics and processing power that this chip provides makes it absolutely made for gaming – especially those games which have high quality graphics such as 3D online casino games. Many online casinos like Gaming Club are bringing out new mobile gaming opportunities.

The original Transformer Pad did not have the quality of processor for online gaming, making the new model a significant step forward, alongside the improved screen size and resolution quality featured with these devices – you can see every detail in your games now, which can be difficult on smaller tablets.
Furthermore, Android devices like the Infinity and Prime have closed the gap on the iPad when it comes to the choice of games available, meaning that popular App Store favourites like the Football Manager 2012 Handheld are now accessible for those playing on Android devices like the Transformer Prime and Infinity, but also that Google is starting to produce really high quality games specifically for these devices – like Zen Pinball THD. Another major benefit when it comes to gaming on a Transformer Pad – whether you pick the top end Infinity or the more easily affordable 300 – is the option of using a docking keyboard, as many gamers find playing some games using virtual keypads comparatively difficult.