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Using the Vegas Palms Real Money App – for Iphone and IPad

Vegas Palms App demonstrates the fact that it is getting more and more common to create online casino gaming apps that can be played on multiple devices.

Mobile Games: The Road So Far

How does a simple piece of code turn into a multi-billion dollar business? How does the release of a single gadget lead to a...
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Playing Casino Games on Your Smartphone in Africa – The Safest Options

With the birth of smartphones a new evolution came into life in the online gambling world of online casinos. The revolution is called ‘mobile...
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Mobile Sports Betting is Exploding into Africa

Why is mobile sports betting exploding into Africa? Well, one of the most logical answers is winning plenty for spending as little as $1...
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What Key Mobile Trends Can we Expect in 2015?

As it becomes easier to access all kinds of games via mobile apps, the popularity of mobile gaming seems set to go through the...
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5 Great Apps For Unorthodox Gamers

There's a repetitive nature to app gaming that makes it difficult to know which games are worth downloading, and which would be best avoided....
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Japan’s Mobile Gamers Make Asian Market Strongest in the World

With billions spent on mobile games, even casino operators have taken notice. When we look at the Top Grossing Paid apps on both the...
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Online Casino Gaming on Your Phone – Which Phone is the best

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best for gaming Everybody at some point has to sit and wait for something, it used to be...
Asus Transformer Pad

Transformer Pads and gaming

Any tablets looking to make any impact in an market as crowded as the mobile device one, need to have something that will make...