Mobile Sports Betting is Exploding into Africa

mobile bets gaming

Why is mobile sports betting exploding into Africa? Well, one of the most logical answers is winning plenty for spending as little as $1 or less, while not having to go anywhere to place that bet. Wagering online has never been easier because of the development of technology. You can just take out your Smartphone or tablet, you choose your favorite sports betting site and that’s it.

Mobile sports betting gives African sports bettors freedom in where they are going to bet without being obligated to go to betting shops. Some Africans live in remote villages in areas where they must take a trip to the betting shop, and all of that is eliminated with mobile sports betting. They don’t have to go anywhere to bet and they can earn an average of $500 in a week if they are really good, which is more than the annual income of many Africans.

mobile bets gaming

Some students even manage to pay their college costs by successfully betting on their mobiles and buy some nice things that they haven’t been able to do otherwise. Some adults even succeed in paying the costs for their families all thanks to mobile sports betting. They make it almost their day job to place bets every week from the comfort of their homes using the Smartphones, some being successful some not.

The spread of mobile phones has helped people in Africa gain access to many ways of making money on the internet, among which sports betting. Regional mobile services are spreading which is beneficial for everyone not just sports bettors and casino players. Many sports betting sites have casino products too mainly targeting players from South Africa, but other African countries too offering games that they can play for free or real money.

In terms of sports betting, Kenya, for example, is experiencing a big growth. Now Intralot in cooperation with Acumen Communications Limited (ACL) will be offering sports betting services in Kenya under the brand name mCHEZA. This service will be targeting mobile sports bettors who will be able to place sports bets on mCHEZA with the help of the Intralot iFlex sports betting platform. This platform will be spread in other East African countries by the end of 2016.


Considering all of this, Africa is emerging as one of the more prospective markets for sports betting and gaming websites. You will find more and more sites dedicated to serving Africans as well as informative portals about betting in Africa on desktops or mobiles. Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya especially are experiencing massive outbreak of online betting. The estimates are that by the year 2018, the online betting market in these three countries will reach $37 billion. It’s no wonder since statistics about South Africa show that almost half of the adults there are involved in some form of online gambling. The only countries where online betting is still a taboo are the African countries with a largely Muslim population.

Many of the mobile sports bettors win money, many of them lose money. But, the fact that mobile sports betting in Africa is beneficial to successful sports bettors that have made it their regular income will exist as long as betting exists.